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If you want to say “thank you” to the crew that supports you every day, National Administrative Professionals Day is the perfect chance to recognize them. This annual celebration occurs on the last Wednesday in April. This year, you can celebrate your Admins on April 27, 2022

The Office Manager is the MVP in most organizations. Whether you need help organizing your calendars, realize you’ve forgotten to include the latest report in your presentation deck just minutes before an important meeting, or (our favorite) you need lunch for your hungry Exec Team, your administrative staff is usually your go-to for all of the things you didn’t even think about - but magically gets done.

Here at Spork Bytes, we enjoy a special relationship with administrative professionals - after all, they are normally the ones who our Account Managers work closely with! Let us help you recognize the contributions of your staff members by giving you some information about Administrative Professionals Day, along with ways you can celebrate those in your office.

Two women office managers in an office

The History of National Administrative Professionals Day

During and after World War II, women worked outside the home more than before. Most men left their professional duties behind and went to serve as soldiers and other participants in the war effort, and the women were left behind to fill those roles. While women stepped into men’s shoes, that left a shortage in fields (like secretaries) that were considered “women’s work.” As a result, the National Secretaries Association was formed in 1942 not only to support administrative professionals but to attract them to the field and spur more women to consider the profession. National Administrative Professionals Day was created by the organization in its first year. 

The day was officially recognized by the government when U.S. Secretary of Commerce Charles W Sawyer named it as part of National Secretaries Week, held in the first week of June. In 1955, the acknowledgment shifted to its current celebration date in April. The name was changed in 1981 to Professional Secretaries Day to give more acclaim to the role of administrative staff. It was adjusted again in 2000 to Administrative Professionals Day to make the celebration more inclusive of all those who help in day-to-day office operations, not just secretarial roles.

Toni Kari office manager secretary talking on the phone

Toni Kari, who won the title of "Secretary of the Year" of the Denver Chapter of the National Secretaries Association, in 1964, on Jan. 24, 1964, in Denver Phil Slattery—Post Archive/Getty Images Time.com

Administrative Professionals are More than Just Secretaries

Did you know that there are close to 100 professionals that qualify as administrative professionals? The categorization now includes human resources professionals, accounts payable and receivable departments, and benefits specialists. About 22 million people are employed as administrative professionals in just the United States.

Some other facts about administrative professionals you may not know: 

It’s important to note that while all receptionists are administrative professionals, there’s another day designated solely for celebrating the first point of customer contact - May 13 is National Receptionists’ Day. Make sure you make a special note of this day as well, to celebrate the person who remains calm in the face of chaos every day for your organization, is a master gatekeeper and knows that customers can “hear the smile in your phone voice”.

Hand holding pen at desk with calendar

Ways to Celebrate Your Administrative Professionals

We know you’d never take your administrative staff for granted, but April 27 provides you a special opportunity to make sure you thank your Office Manager, HR Representative, Front Desk Receptionists, and other important members on your team that serve in an administrative capacity.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got some ideas for you, including some of our favorite Portland Spork Bytes restaurants of course!

5 Fresh Food Ideas for Your April 27 Celebration

  1. Coffee: Buy your Office Manager a specialty coffee from Portland Roasting Company. Whether yours prefers an oat milk latte or simply a batch brew of the Hawthorne blend, a steaming cup of joe is a simple way to express your appreciation. Personalize the gift even more by serving it in a mug that showcases their personality - their alma mater, their passions, or an inspirational quote!
  2. Breakfast Treats: Order the team donuts from Delicious Donuts, or Sourdough Kettle boiled bagels from Spielman Bagel Company for an early-morning celebration for your team!
  3. Bigger Breakfast Bites: Expand breakfast beyond its typical offerings when you consider açaí bowls from Carioca Bowls or a Mexican-themed brunch from Tamale Boy.
  4. Choose Their Favorite Lunch Spot: Of course your Office Manager should not have to eat a Lean Cuisine or last night’s dinner leftovers for lunch on their special day. Let them pick from a Spork Bytes restaurant of their choice for lunch - whether it’s Chinese from Kung Pow!, sandwiches from Addy’s Sandwich Bar, or pizza from Via Chicago.  Don’t worry, our concierges will help out so that your Administrative Assistant doesn’t have to coordinate their own order!
  5. Don’t Stop the Party in the Afternoon: Keep the fun, celebration, and great food coming all day long! Order fun ice cream confections from What’s the Scoop or have a creative take on happy hour with boozy Sloshy Pops to end the day with a smile.

Contact us today to let our concierges help you with any of these options for your team! Keep reading for details of a special promotion we will be running in honor Administrative Professionals’ Day.

Woman in office holding coffee mug

Of course, there are also ways to celebrate your administrative staff that don’t involve food!

Here are some other ideas to show your appreciation:

  1. Decorate their workspace with streamers, confetti, balloons, and banners so that the entire office knows it’s their special day!
  2. Do they have a cause they’re passionate about? Arrange for a donation to their favorite charity, courtesy of your office.
  3. You know how they always make sure that the office supply closet is kept stocked? Turn the tables and order some special pens, fancy notepads, or an ergonomic mouse pad just for them!
  4. Consider a gift certificate for a hobby or interest your administrative staff enjoys: an art class, wine or beer tasting, or a spa day to give them a chance to relax! Even better: also give your Office Manager the afternoon off to take advantage of the gift and enjoy some time away to recharge.
  5. Brighten up their workspace with fresh flowers or a lovely houseplant from your entire team.
  6. Your Office Manager typically handles a lot of your workplace communication. Even if budgets are tight, a handwritten thank-you card, a Post-it, or an email to express your appreciation for all that they do is a simple step to make sure they feel extra appreciated on this day.

Your Office Manager and other administrative staff are an indispensable part of your business, and they often work behind the scenes preventing problems that you can’t even imagine!  Make sure you take a moment out of your hectic workday to express your gratitude to your administrative team for all they do to keep morale high and keep your office running smoothly on April 27!

Glasses and task list on desk workspace for office manager executive assistant

In celebration of National Administrative Professionals Day Spork Bytes is offering free delivery on any orders placed by administrative professionals during the month of April. Mention code “appreciation” to any Spork Bytes Account Manager to claim. (15-person minimum per order, only one order per administrative professional)

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