Keys to Successful Office Team Building Activities

The office has changed in the last few years. As we settle into the new norm of hybrid schedules, work from home days, and remote team members, it is important as ever to build camaraderie and create opportunities for your employees to connect. That is why we have created a list of nifty team bonding ideas for you and your company. So, whether your team is working in person, meeting virtually, or has adopted a hybrid schedule, continue reading for surefire ways to bring the crew together and boost morale.

If you’ve ever worked at a large company, your first day might have gone a little something like this: Fill out your social security number on more documents than you can count on your fingers. Smile awkwardly in an ID photo that you’ll have to stare at every day through your duration of employment. Wait around all day for IT to set up your computer.

Now that our workplaces have shifted more to remote and hybrid environments, there’s even more awkwardness added to the inevitable first day jitters. You’ll probably be interacting with people without reading their body language. You’ll find that one coworker who doesn’t put herself on mute when she talks to her cat. It’s even more difficult (and takes more time) to build those trusted relationships that make the 40-hour weekly grind liveable, or, dare-we-say-it, something we enjoy. In fact, one study found that 72 percent of employees who have a best friend at work are satisfied with their jobs, compared to 54 percent for those who don't have that workplace bestie. Keeping the job fun helps keep employees engaged when things inevitably get stressful!

So, how do you find that magical unicorn of a friend when you may not know anyone IRL? Make yourself the star of the office by suggesting one or more of these activities, which will help bring your crew together to harmonize both at the office and outside of the 9-5!  Want to spice up your activity? Don’t forget to ask Spork Bytes to provide a delicious spread for your in-person event! We can even bring the booze, along with a variety of other services.

Co-workers laughing in an office enjoying connection and collaboration

Working with a hybrid or remote team? Location is no longer an excuse to not have a great time together - these options can all be done from your employee’s home!

Virtual Clue Murder Mystery
Whodunit? Split your team into groups and examine case files, evidence, and race against the clock to solve the mystery of who killed Neil Davidson.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours

Suggested Spork Bytes: Soothe your detectives’ inquisitive appetites with boxed lunches from Addy’s. We hear it’s the well-fed detectives that always solve the case.

Game Blasts from the Past
What did you play growing up? Whether your family loved to play Taboo or you watched Jeopardy every night, relive your childhood and impress coworkers with your knowledge of absolutely useless facts. These are online, mobile-friendly versions of popular games from the 1980s-2000s.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours

Suggested Spork Bytes: Who doesn’t love pizza, right? A slice and salad from Via Chicago will be the perfect addition to the fun!

Virtual Road Trip
If the annual conference in an awesome city just isn’t in the budget this year, relax - you can bring your team to an even more exotic locale virtually!  Whether yours is a night in Paris, a fiesta in Spain, or a scavenger hunt in Italy, Woyago will host an amazing activity for your team from their computer - no matter their locale!

Time Commitment: 1-1.5 hours

Suggested Spork Bytes: Match the meal to your trip - we’ve got an option for every destination you may “visit.”

Dog hanging out near co-workers outside of an office


For those who work in the office or within the same city, getting away from the desk for a meet-up is the perfect way to boost morale and productivity.

Ice-Barker Events
There’s no better way to meet someone than with their furry friend in tow! Get your crew together with their four-legged pals at a dog-friendly park. You’ll quickly find that your pooch will help you find things to chat about even if you’re feeling shy - and he or she will make some great fur-ends as well!

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours

Suggested Spork Bytes: Handheld treats from Lardo will be enjoyed by you and your pup - we won’t tell if you share a few nibbles!

The Multimedia Mashup
Leave it to the experts - the Go Game is a company that specializes in unique team-building experiences. Their Classic game is described as a mixture of the Amazing Race + America’s Funniest Home Videos + Cranium. We love a tried-and-true favorite, but if that doesn’t sound up your alley, the company has lots of other options on their website too!

Time Commitment: Varies

Suggested Spork Bytes: Treat yo’selves to ice cream from What’s the Scoop as the perfect dessert for an unforgettable experience.

Give Back
Outback TeamBuilding has 8 different options for groups to come together and bond around a cause. Build camaraderie with your coworkers while helping out a charity AND having fun!

Time Commitment: Varies

Suggested Spork Bytes: All good things come when there’s coffee right? Keep your team energized and motivated with coffee and sweets from Portland Roasting Company.

Go Box reusable boxes delivered to an office on a table ready to eat

Maybe it’s crunch time and you know your team won’t be able to take hours out of their workday to attend an event. That’s not a reason to pass on the fun! These quick activities added throughout your workweek can break up the monotony and keep your employees smiling throughout their busy day.

Where in the world are…you? Find your happy place anywhere on Earth and make your co-workers guess where it is with this free online game.

Suggested Spork Bytes: Keep your busy staff motivated when they start their day with Waffle Window, and then use a round of Geoguesser as a mid-day brain break.

Find out who on the team was a secret artist in a past life with this online version of the classic game Pictionary. You can even set up a private room for your group to play!

Suggested Spork Bytes: We think Skribbl and Spielman have a nice ring to it: get a bagel spread for your office and do a round to start your team’s day off on a fun note.

Bracket Bonding
It’s not just for March and basketball. With BracketMakers, you can make a bracket for anything! Make one for the best office songs, TV shows, books, and more, and make your staff choose their winners every week!  The final winner can be celebrated with the honor of choosing the next Spork Bytes office lunch!

Suggested Spork Bytes: Heat up the competition by purchasing a big box of donuts from Delicious Donuts. Be sure to select a wide variety of flavors. When the final bracket scores are announced, let your team pick their donut in order from first place to last. That’ll surely sweeten the deal.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t end with our favorite team bonding activity - lunch, of course!  No matter where or how your team works, there’s a Spork Bytes solution just a phone call away. Our Account Managers would love to help you reward your employees with a fun experience to help make their workday just a little brighter - contact us today with your great idea! 

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