Spork Bytes and COVID-19

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The Spork Bytes team has made it a focus to develop new and improved ways to bring Portland’s best restaurants to you and your team in the safest way possible. Find out how.


As we collectively navigate the ever-changing situation surrounding COVID-19, the Spork Bytes team has made it a focus to further enhance the ways in which we bring Portland’s best restaurants to you and your team.

We have always made it a point to follow the latest food safety standards and guidelines to ensure you - our valued customers - are receiving your food in the safest way possible. But now we’re rising to the challenge and doing our part to maintain the health of our Portland community.

Boxed Meals for Your Team!
Boxed Meals for Your Team!

We understand that things remain far from “normal” but are aware that some businesses have been able to bring portions of their staff back into the office in a safe and responsible way. Following the guidelines of local health officials, small gatherings are also able to take place so long as attendees also engage in appropriate practices such as remaining six feet apart (when possible), wearing a face covering or face shield, washing and/or sanitizing hands regularly, and more.

Throughout this pandemic, our team has felt a responsibility to assist our local Portland-area restaurant partners in getting their food into the hands of customers. While we’re a far cry from the way things were at the start of the year, there are still ways to deliver delicious food in a responsible way.


More and more of our restaurant partners are adding boxed or bagged meal options to their menus. This option allows your staff to enjoy their own individually wrapped meal. With the boxed meal option, there are a variety of delivery methods available to fit your needs.

New Spork Bytes Delivery Options

No Contact Delivery

A Spork Bytes delivery person will place the bags or boxes of meals on a designated table, cart or other raised surface supplied by the client. If needed, the Spork Bytes team member will stay to answer any questions that may arise, standing at least six feet apart. Otherwise, the team member will leave and any questions may be directed to the customer service representatives.

Low Contact Delivery

A Spork Bytes delivery person will be directed to the meal area where they will set the meal up to be enjoyed. Face-coverings, gloves and maintaining a distance of at least six feet (space permitting), will be done.

Pop Up Kitchen

A hosted buffet is also an option. A Spork Bytes team member will set the meal up in the designated area, then serve each person while wearing gloves and appropriate face coverings. When considering this option, we recommend also taking into account some of the additional precautions below.

Boxed Meals are Here!
Boxed Meals are Here!


  • Schedule meal pickup times for small groups of employees/attendees at staggered times to minimize the number of people in the food pickup waiting area.

  • All employees/attendees should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds before arrival at the food pickup area. We encourage hand sanitizing stations to be set up at the front and end of the food pickup table.

  • We encourage employees/attendees to wear face coverings when picking up their food and maintain six feet of distance between others.

  • We recommend using social distance markers - even something as simple as tape on the floor - in the pickup area to help everyone maintain proper social distance.


To ensure your safety, as well as that of our restaurant partners and employees, the Spork Bytes team will adhere to the following procedures and protocols prior to picking up or delivering meals.

Spork Bytes Staff Delivery Prep

Day of Delivery

  • Enter the Spork Bytes office where they will receive a temperature check and verbally confirm that they are not experiencing any symptoms, nor have they been in contact with someone who is.

  • Wash hands for 20 seconds upon entering the workplace and continue to wash or sanitize hands thoroughly and often, wearing gloves when possible.

  • Disinfect all delivery equipment and vehicles before and after each delivery.

  • Wipe all high touch areas with disinfectant cloth or spray.

  • Disinfect all bags, carriers, wagons, et al. with spray or wipes.

  • To limit risk, deliveries will be done by one person, whenever possible.

Spork Bytes Staff Delivery Protocols

During a Delivery

  • Team member will wear a face covering at all times throughout the delivery process.

  • Clean hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer frequently during the delivery.

  • Maintain at least six (6) feet of distance between themselves and all personnel.

In addition to the above procedures, we are in regular communication with our restaurant partners to confirm they are also doing their part to maintain a clean and sanitized environment, as well as the health of their staff.


We don’t know what the future holds but rest assured, all of us at Spork Bytes are committed to the safety of our community and the simple joy of bringing people together around great food.

Reach out today to discuss the custom solutions available for you and your team.

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