Top 10 Venues for Company Holiday Parties in Portland

Company holiday parties are a great way to show your team some gratitude. After several years apart, they're also an opportunity to get some quality bonding time in. But WHERE should you have your company holiday party? Here are our 10 favorite locations for corporate holiday parties in PDX!

This list is organized from largest capacity to smallest so you can quickly find the venues that will be the best fit for your team!

Oh and don’t forget to check out our blog post for tips on company holiday party planning.

The Redd on Salmon

  • Capacity: 450 seated, 670 standing
  • Neighborhood: Southeast
  • Aesthetic: Historic Barn/Mill
Large event at The Redd on Salmon Portland, Oregon

Built in 1918, one of the oldest venues on our list is The Redd on Salmon Street. Managed by Ecotrust, this venue boasts four unique spaces and can cater to just about any type of event you can imagine. Heck, we even saw it used as a winter restaurant yurt village during covid. The Main Hall can be arranged in several different floor plans and the venue rental comes with a large supply of furniture and equipment. Don’t forget to ask for the 700 feet of cafe string lighting to illuminate the night!


  • Capacity: 400 seated, 600 standing, 900 indoor/outdoor. 
  • Neighborhood: Northwest
  • Aesthetic: Warehouse Chic
Seated dinner event at Castaway Portland

One of the largest venues on our list is Castaway. Driving through NW Portland and can’t find it? Just look for the big blue building with a gorilla sitting on the roof. With 14-foot exposed wood ceilings and stunning views of the Fremont Bridge, this venue should definitely be considered if you have a large group to entertain. You’ll have a huge canvas for making your decor dreams a reality, and (a rarity for Portland these days), parking is actually pretty easy around the building. You’re also a long walk or a quick cab right from downtown Portland, so your guests can get to Castaway easily and will have fun places to go after last call.

Ecotrust Building

  • Capacity: 350 seated, 500 standing
  • Neighborhood: Pearl
  • Aesthetic: Historic
Seated dinner and dance floor at Ecotrust Building

Taking the elderly cake from its sister venue The Redd, is the oldest venue on our list, the Ecotrust Building in the Pearl District of Portland. If you need to host a large group (over 200), go with the Irving Street Studio and the Billy Frank Jr. Room will work well for a slightly smaller gathering. For that extra “wow” factor, reserve the rooftop terrace so your guests can take in a view of the city while they sip a cocktail and talk about how great you are at throwing parties 🎉. Ecotrust has a great team to walk you through all of the available options, so be sure to book a tour before you make a decision on the venue for your company holiday party.

The Evergreen

  • Capacity: 200 seated, 550 standing
  • Neighborhood: Central Southeast
  • Aesthetic: Historic
Corporate holiday party at The Evergreen

Nestled in the hip central eastside of Portland is one of our favorite event spaces, The Evergreen. The former Portland Police venue turned versatile industrial event space could be a great option for your holiday party. The Evergreen sits on top of Loyal Legion, a bar with 100 taps, so your guests won’t have to go far for a nightcap after the party. The venue runs the bar, which is customizable based on your budget and what you want your guests to have available. And they’ve got a great preferred caterer list - Hey, we’re on that list! 😉 With a charming aesthetic of exposed brick and hardwood floors, The Evergreen should definitely be on your shortlist.


  • Capacity: 180 seated, 240 standing
  • Neighborhood: Beaverton
  • Aesthetic: Modern
Casual company event at Greatroom venue

Ok with a venue just outside of the city? Greatroom might be right up your alley. One of the newest venues on our list, Greatroom is a high-tech, modern blank canvas waiting for you to paint the work of art that will be your holiday party. With almost 4,000 square feet of open-concept space, this venue will work well for anything from a casual sit-down dinner to an all-out dance party. High-end audio-visual equipment and services are available if you want to show that slide show of embarrassing work photos (maybe don’t, though). If your office is near Beaverton or you’re ok with the drive, Greatroom is a fantastic option! Parking is no problem and for those dog parents out there, they share a building with Sniff Dog Hotel!

Coopers Hall

  • Capacity: 180 seated, 225 standing
  • Neighborhood: Southeast
  • Aesthetic: Urban Winery
Wine barrels and tables with cafe lighting at Coopers Hall venue Portland

A former 10,000-square-foot auto body shop turned gorgeous urban winery, Coopers Hall will truly make your team feel the love and the wine if you decide this is the place for you. With wine barrels lining the walls and two-story high ceilings letting in any precious winter sunlight that may still be lingering, Coopers Hall can transform your holiday party dreams into reality. On a budget or have a smaller team to please? Book just The Barrel Room or The Mezzanine for a more intimate vibe. Or go all out for the full buyout and show your team the love!

Arium Ballroom

  • Capacity: 175 seated, 300 standing
  • Neighborhood: Central Eastside
  • Aesthetic: Industrial
Open floor plan event space at Arium Ballroom Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking for a venue for your corporate holiday party that has literally everything you could need, the Arium Ballroom at Jupiter NEXT is a great option. With a hotel, multiple bars, and a music venue on site, you can create an entire experience for your team without having to leave the grounds. Concrete pillars and exposed ceiling ducts give the Arium Ballroom an industrial, airy feeling that your guests will love during the typically stuffy indoor winter nights. And they can easily step outside into the Secret Garden for a real breath of fresh air. Flexibility is the name of the game here as they have an open caterer and bartending policy. Fear not, we’re in the neighborhood and have experience catering events at Jupiter’s venues. At the conclusion of your party, guests can head down for a night cap at trendy Hey Love or rustic Doug Fir where most likely there will be a concert happening downstairs.

Union Pine

  • Capacity: 130 seated, 292 standing.
  • Neighborhood: Central Eastside
  • Aesthetic: Industrial
Lounge area for event at Union Pine venue

With a very central location and affordable rental rates, Union Pine should be a strong contender for your company holiday party venue. While the bar service must be handled by a pre-approved service provider, the venue has an open policy for all other vendors. Pick your own caterer, DJ, and dessert option. The world is your oyster at Union Pine. Don’t forget to set up a good photo op location - the herringbone wall in the main venue is great for this! If it’s in the budget and you really want to impress, rent the main venue and The Loft, an open-concept apartment-style space where your guests can escape the crowd for a quick relax.


  • Capacity: 60 seated, 75 standing, 120 with Pomarius Nursery added.
  • Neighborhood: Northwest
  • Aesthetic: Garden Patio
Blockhouse open patio tables set for event

Literally tucked away in a garden is cute, cozy, intimate Blockhouse! With an absolute max capacity of 120, this venue should only be considered if your headcount will work for the space. Imagine you turn your garage into a hosting mecca and then plop it in the middle of a nursery - that’s the vibe you’ll get with Blockhouse. Food is typically served on the large butcher block island and the bar sits just inside the large roll-up door. Don’t worry, they have a tent covering the patio and high-quality heaters hanging inside the building, so even in the winter you can have the garden state of mind.

Opal 28

  • Capacity: 50 seated, 125 standing
  • Neighborhood: Northeast
  • Aesthetic: Cozy Club
Blockhouse open patio tables set for event

Maybe the coziest space of the bunch is Opal 28, our sole Northeast Portland venue of the list. Let the stars align for your team this holiday season! Opal 28’s owner Margot Feves’ grandma Sadie was born on October 28th. October’s birthstone is opal and Opal 28 happens to be located on NE 28th Avenue 💫. All that is to say, this magical little space might be perfect for your team to gather this winter. There are even four Airbnb rooms above the event space you could book for yourself and your co-planners! And after all this planning, you deserve a full night out!


When it comes to company holiday parties, Portland, Oregon is a great place to host one! There are many venues to choose from that can accommodate almost any type of party. Be sure to consider the size of your company and the type of event you're planning when choosing a venue. And don't forget to take into account budget and amenities when making your final decision. Now get out there and find that perfect venue for your corporate holiday party! And don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you could use a little help. We’ve got your back!

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