The Future of the Hybrid Workplace

"There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, breaking bread together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences." -Barbara Coloroso

The times are changing, for better or for worse, and we're forced to adapt and get creative and find ingenious ways to gather together safely and meaningfully.

The Hybrid Office Model

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, offices around the world have been forced to develop non-physical infrastructure and culture.

A hybrid office program is a combination of both traditional and modern office practices. This can include things like using technology to stay organized, working from home for part of the workweek, and collaborating with colleagues in person and online.

In a post-Covid world, employees will share their time between the office and working remotely from home in varying proportions. They will have much more flexibility for their work hours and can follow a less structured agenda while in the office.

This solution has become the new norm because of its health & safety benefits throughout the pandemic. With Covid-19 cases dropping and the risk of gathering decreasing as well, restrictions and precautions are easing across the country.

The Responses to the New Systems

The truth is most office workers prefer a hybrid work environment and the flexibility that comes with working remotely, despite its potential downsides. A surprising 34% of workers say they would quit if they had to return to the office full time.

We know that employees are serious when they say they'll quit because we have seen “The Great Resignation,” a record-breaking movement all over North America in 2021 which has resulted in massive amounts of people quitting their jobs. Workers have realized that there are many things they can easily do from home without the commute and in some cases, have found they’re more productive with the additional autonomy and flexibility.

Millions of resigned workers have quit for a variety of reasons. Those include:

While most people prefer the hybrid model and would like to continue it to some degree, many are experiencing undesirable effects from the lack of engagement with their colleagues and peers. A UK survey of 3,000 remote workers revealed that 67% of them felt “disconnected” from their colleagues. Moreover, 42% expressed feeling “lonely” during business hours and 49% confessed that the remote work was having a negative impact on the way they view their jobs. These findings suggest that working remotely is having a considerable impact on an individual’s sense of engagement with their team and satisfaction within their position. It seems that in the absence of in-office connections and conversations with co-workers, many remote workers are left with feelings of isolation.

Furthermore, this survey emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities for staff to come together and form connections. Team lunches continue to be a shared highlight amongst most staff, but the pandemic has made that connection temporarily unsafe. Pivoting engaging activities like shared meals to create new opportunities for colleagues to form connections in an environment where workers feel safe is going to be imperative for maintaining corporate health.

Office employees gathering around a table together enjoying a meal

Food and Company Culture

Amidst this job reshuffle we’re calling “The Great Resignation”, it havs never been more important to not only keep staff fulfilled and engaged but to keep them in general.

Food is a key ingredient that binds people together. Cultures all over the world use food as a way to commune and share space with friends and strangers alike.

Breaking bread has always been a huge asset in offices for team building, morale, bonding, and culture. When colleagues share easy conversations, they're able to make important connections, reset and center themselves for the work ahead, and become part of a unified community. The added benefit for an employer of this interaction is that work is often discussed even when they’re not (big air quotes) “working.”

Unfortunately, some previous meal-sharing strategies don't work as well around the office anymore. Unpredictable headcounts, weird work hours, and safety protocols make meal planning difficult and time-consuming.

Tight budgets, meal preferences, food allergies, and timeframes vary too much for quick, on-demand ordering. New options are now available to strategically solve these challenges.

Individually-boxed meal at work desk with computer

Custom Catering to the Rescue

Much like hybrid infrastructures have been created for office workplaces, the same movement toward flexibility is seen in the foodservice industry. Blended catering services have enhanced the online ordering experience to fit the necessary precautions of Covid-19 and new office dynamics.

By ordering online with an office food delivery service like Spork Bytes, staff can experience that same lunchtime catharsis with friends, while staying safe and experiencing the best in personalized convenience and local variety.

It's Scheduled

Get food delivered fresh straight from the restaurant of your choice at a time that works for the staff that is in the office that day. Headcount and food requests can be adjusted to fit each team just right.

It's Safe

The Spork Bytes team stays up-to-date with the current Covid-19 guidelines in order to ensure the health and safety of all their customers. 

Our friendly delivery staff begins their day with a temperature check and verbal confirmation that they are symptom-free. Then they thoroughly wash their hands and disinfect all equipment, touchpoints, and vehicles before heading out to pick up an order.

Throughout the delivery, our delivery staff continue to wash and sanitize their hands regularly, while wearing face masks and distancing themselves from others whenever possible. Our operations team communicates obsessively with partnering restaurants to ensure they are also upholding high standards of cleanliness and safe food preparation. We are committed to delivering food safely and responsibly, regardless of the status of the pandemic.

Meals Can Be Individually Packaged

Spork Bytes has worked hard with our partner restaurants to develop an excellent selection of individually-boxed meal options. Easy-to-read labels accompany every boxed meal delivery with the name, description, and dietary information for each dish. Each meal is set up so that employees can simply read the label and grab the box they want, avoiding unnecessary contact.

Restaurant catering delivery service delivering boxed meals to the office

It's Low Waste

Compared to most delivery services, this system uses less packaging because we transport all of the boxes together in an insulated bag. Depending on the number of people, it may produce much less waste (and it's largely recyclable). No more flimsy paper bags and plastic utensils you didn’t ask for. With individually-boxed meals, the leftovers can just be carried home at the end of the day with ease.

Spork Bytes also has a brand new partnership with GoBox to provide zero waste delivery for your team. We’ll handle all of the logistics to deliver your boxed meals in reusable GoBox containers, which will be picked up at your office after each meal, thoroughly washed at a commercial facility, and returned to production.

It's Budget Friendly

With over 50 local restaurants on our partner list, we have a unique ability to work with all shapes and sizes of budgets. Simply let a Spork Bytes Account Manager know where you need to land, and we’ll send meal proposals your team can afford.

It Can Be Contactless

In the spirit of safety, Spork Bytes has vowed to offer many forms of safe delivery. From a tidy door drop, to a distanced and masked set-up experience, we’ll ensure the food is left on a practical, raised surface that can be accessed without making unnecessary physical contact with others.

It Can Be Full Service

Our team can also provide extra amenities including linens, cutlery, alcohol and beverages, service staff, and hosted buffets. Spork Bytes clients benefit from constant customer support, flexible food preference and allergy selections, vast menus from numerous restaurant partners, easy payment options, and so much more.

Experience the old days of a lunchtime buffet, without the germy hands. Have a gloved and masked caterer carefully serve portions to everyone safely. Wondering if we can handle a certain type of service style? Just ask.

It's User-Friendly

Spork Bytes customer support is available for any needs that may pop up, all from one centralized location in Portland. Account Managers act as your own personal concierge and will help with any changes, questions, or concerns at any point in the process with the goal of saving you valuable time and energy.

It's Delicious

The office will have their cheeks full of the most delicious food Portland, Oregon has to offer! Spork Bytes partners up with tons of exceptional local restaurants to develop an appetizing range of menus specifically designed for office catering.

Whether it's for daily lunch or an office event, Spork Bytes has you covered with precision and deliciousness. The world has changed a lot over the last few years. Some past traditions are what make the office worth frequenting. We believe good food is one of those traditions that belong.

Boxed meal at desk in front of keyboard and mouse

Creating a custom hybrid meal program for your office is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Get Started: Fill out this form and we'll send you a proposal for your meal. Customize and confirm your order in minutes.
  2. Sit Back & Relax: Rest easy knowing that Spork Bytes has your office meal covered. Delivery and setup are included - all you have to worry about is bringing your appetite and your team!
  3. Enjoy & Give Feedback: Once you've enjoyed your meal and some quality time with your fellow officemates, share your feedback with us so we can continue to improve and make your in-office dining experience as good as it can be.

Proud to be part of a healthy and alluring workplace culture, Spork Bytes invites you to join in the fun. Start planning your next work-family meal here!

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